Upcoming and Past Events

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16th May 2016

Workshop: The Other Side of Happily Ever After
Exploring Domestic Violence through the lens of a fairy tale
Sherwood Neighbourhood Centre, Brisbane.

4th November 2015

Presentation: Introduction to Fairy Tales
WomenSpace Wise Women’s Circle
Grange Library, Brisbane.

24th October 2015

Presentation: Fairy Tales
Australian Transpersonal & Emotional Release Counselling National Gathering
Ormiston, Queensland.

6th October 2015

Mental Health Week. Sherwood NC.
I facilitated an art activity exploring drawing mandalas. 11 participants

2015 August-September

Term 3 Marsden High School
Group Art Therapy with girls.

June 2015

I facilitated 6 weeks of Group Art Therapy with girls at Marsden High School.

19TH JUNE 2015

ArtIsability art workshop in Ipswich, working with fairy tales, 5 participants.

21ST JUNE 2015

Winter Solstice ritual
WomenSpace, Sandgate
I presented An Australian Winter Story.

24th May 2015

Relaxation Centre – Fee $45.00

2014 November 27

Story – Drawing – Play:
I ran a successful four hour workshop with seven participants at The Relaxation Centre, co-facilitating with my esteemed colleague Susan Margaret.


We explored the Grimm’s story of The Queen Bee using collage-making and writing. Here are my  images:

Queen Bee

Queen Bee

He sat on a stone and wept

He sat on a stone and wept

11TH-13TH NOVEMBER 2014  

I presented at the 6th Annual International Arts and Health Conference: The Art Of Good Health and Wellbeing, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. My presentation went very well I’m happy to say. It was a great conference and I was amazed at all the wonderful and innovative programs people are running in all sorts of settings


Community Lunch at Benarrawa for Mental Health Week. I facilitated a relaxation visualisation and a Mandala colouring activity.