I love to facilitate workshops to explore fairy tales using art-making. I sometimes do this in collaboration with another therapist. 

Workshops are a fun way to explore stories and undiscovered gems in yourself and others at the same time.

My workshops explore ideas around a specific theme, such as a fairy tale, which give the opportunity to delve deeper into how our lives relate or resonate with the meaning in the story.

This is a fascinating way of doing our inner-work in a group. There are many benefits to doing inner-work in this way. Here are some of them:

  • Workshops allow time and space to experiment and play.
  • The facilitator offers and holds a safe space for the workshop group to express themselves.
  • Being in a group is a good way to realize that we are not alone, that other people have the same sort of issues.
  • Group members have a tendency to spark each other’s ideas as we open to new ways of thinking and being.

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